Stash Organising

As anyone who has been knitting for more than a few months will tell you, stashes are a thing.  No, not moustaches (though a knitted one could be fun), but stashes of yarn.  Big piles of lovely, squishy yarn.  Big piles of lovely, squishy yarn that start to take over your house.

Imagine if you will, you’ve bought yarn for a project, but you don’t use it all, sometimes you have just a few meters left and you feel smug, but more often you’ll have half a ball here, or a quarter of a ball there left.

In the two years I’ve been knitting, my stash has got silly.  I had yarn in a basket in the livingroom, in carrier bags in my wardrobe, in a storage box in my bedroom… In short, it was everywhere.  I never knew what I had, or how much of it I had. As a still fairly new knitter, I couldn’t judge by eye how far a bit of yarn was going to go, so I would just buy more for a new project.

A few weeks ago, I offered to teach my Brownies to knit as part of the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge.  This, I decided would be the perfect way to get rid of some of the odds and ends in my stash, as the squares they were going to be knitting were small, so definitely wouldn’t take up much yarn.

I knitted up a sample square to work out a size. (I say square, I mean rectangle).

brownie blanket sqaure
From there, I started balling up the yarn I had lying around in the livingroom, into small balls that would comfortably knit this panel.
stash before and after
I soon realised that this wasn’t enough balls of yarn for 23 Brownies, so I would need to hunt through other bits of my stash.  Cue me then bringing all my yarn from all the different places down into the livingroom to work out what I could give to the Brownies.

stash mess
What resulted was an almighty mess, and me hoping my flatmate wouldn’t come home while I was in the middle of sorting it all!

As I was going through it, I realised that actually, my stash wasn’t as bad as I thought.  A lot of what was in there was half-finished abandoned projects, carrier bags, old ball bands, knitting needles everywhere, receipts for yarn, notebooks and old printed out and written all over patterns.  In short, just a lot of rubbish!  I made a big pile for the bin, and suddenly it didn’t seem so bad.

Brownie yarn
I balled up even more odds and ends, and knit up a smaller square to see how I could fit them together.  All of this yarn, sample squares, and lots of knitting needles that I had inherited got packed up ready to take to the Brownies.

I then spent time organising what was left, putting all my needles together, creating a sewing kit to keep all my sewing needles and thread together and easy to find.  Then I tackled the remainder of the yarn.  I ended up getting all my yarn to fit into one basket, which now lives in the livingroom, in a nice organised fashion.  It really is a miracle!

final stash
I can now see what yarn I have, I’ve been reminded of yarn I bought with certain projects in mind and of-course it’s much less clutter.  I feel I’ve got my love of knitting back again after a month long hiatus (or perhaps that was recovering from Christmas knitting) and I’m ready to get started on new projects!


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