My Everyday Life 02/02/14, 09/02/14 Weeks Five and Six

Due to my trip to Dubai, which will get its own post in good time, I decided to combine my everyday life post from last week and this week, as most of last week will be shared in the Dubai post!

week5.6 1
I spent some time sorting out my technology before I left, I did think this picture was ridiculous, camera, iPad, laptop and taken on an iPhone!
The plane food was surprisingly good, smoked salmon salad and then a chicken dish.  Only complaint was the timing of the meal, by the time I arrived in Dubai I was starving and it was after midnight so way too late to get food anywhere.
We were given extra wine, for some reason when they came round they said ‘we’ll just give you two bottles, save us coming back!’, no idea why, but we weren’t complaining – nor the second time they did the same.
I watched Austenland on the plane, such a fun film.  Completely ridiculous, but if you’ve seen the trailer that’s to be expected.

week5.6 2
Juice was a big deal in Dubai, freshly squeezed was available everywhere.  I bought this (not freshly squeezed) in the supermarket and loved it!  This could come to the UK.
I’ve recently started watching the West Wing for the first time and am absolutely loving it.  When I saw this tea for sale it amused me no ends.  It was stupidly expensive or it would have been coming home with me.
Speaking of stupidly expensive, I had real problems trying to work out the currency conversion in Dubai, so put this note on my phone to try help me to remember.
I spotted a cat.  For some reason when I’m away anywhere and see a cat, I always take a picture.

week5.6 3
My last night in Dubai was sleep deprived to say the least!  I had to get up at 4am to get checked out of the hotel and picked up for the airport.
I got very, very sick with the cold while I was away, I blame the air-conditioning everywhere for spreading germs around.  Some Tesco throat sweeties were the only medicine I had with me, so my plane journey home was utterly miserable.
I found somewhere in Edinburgh that sells bubble tea!  I was delighted, I’d tried it on my trip to London and loved it, and had been on the lookout for it.  I had a cold coconut tea with tapioca pearls, so yummy.  I’ll be back to Frisky Froyo for more soon, a shopping trip treat I think!

week5.6 4
It was Burns Night in January, so better late than never I had haggis, neeps and tatties (note, that’s a mix of neeps and tatties in the picture).  You can’t go wrong with some yummy haggis! – Also note the accidental tartan pyjamas in the picture, ha.
Edinburgh Castle looked imposing on a cold crisp afternoon.
I made the mistake of trying to organise my stash of wool, my livingroom looked like an absolute bombsite for a while as I was tidying it out.  Not a task for the faint-hearted! 
I had a very wet journey home from work in the pouring rain.  There’s something about car lights through a rainy window that I really like.

week5.6 5
I never wear earrings other than for special occasions, but was given these ones for my birthday so tried them out.  I was very aware of them all day!
My birthday plans fell through and I was really sad that none of my friends could celebrate with me.  So one of my friends dropped these flowers into me to cheer me up.
There was a crisp, dry day and I enjoyed my outfit.  Polka dots are my favourite, I’d have them on everything if I could.
I’ve just finished reading Anne of Windy Poplars by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and I read some on my birthday and I was entertained no end that the letter I read that day was dated the 28th January!

week5.6 6
Thursdays are funny food days for me.  I go to Brownies straight from work, so eat at funny times.  I have an early lunch, something dinner-esque at about 4:30pm and then a snack when I get home about 8:30pm.  This was my evening snack – with the unusual addition of beer.  Teaching Brownies to knit is stressful!
I attempted to write a knitting pattern, I couldn’t visualise it, so had to write it out stitch by stitch.
I had a training session at Strathclyde Student Association, and the coffee they had was Starbucks, made a nice change from the terrible coffee we have at training sessions at my work.
I found my bebo archive online, so saved some photos and uploaded them to facebook, lots of long forgotten memories in there!

week5.6 7

I got a surprise parcel at work.  Birthday presents from my friend who is currently teaching in Thailand.  It made my week, was so thoughtful and contained lots of notes and references to in-jokes we had.  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness!
Working on a knitted cowl, I hate cable stitch, so made up a cable pattern to force myself to do it.
My iTunes had a total meltdown and I had to uninstall it and then reinstall it.  It took a few hours and was really not what I wanted to be doing.
I got all my Dubai Fountain pictures off my camera and started deleting the blurry ones and uploading the nice ones.


week5.6 8 week5.6 9
As always, a selection of morning shots.
The pink sky was a pretty spot, I don’t normally see the sunrise from my flat, so this was an excellent capture!
My hotel room view was pretty in its own way, the haze in Dubai was something I hadn’t anticipated though.  
As you can see, my last morning in Dubai could barely be described as morning, it was pitch dark and still the middle of the night!


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